A Leader To Emulate

Dan Maddux embodies the critical trait of a successful entrepreneur—he is a true leader. He has a vision, pursues it, and enjoys the support and loyalty of his colleagues.

Leaders worth emulating have the ability to get everyone to buy into the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. They all know their jobs, but also understand how their jobs fit into the big picture. They all feel they are making a worthy contribution to the corporate effort. Leaders who can do that, run a very smooth-sailing ship.

If you receive a paycheck you have been influenced by Dan Maddux. As executive director of the American Payroll Association, Dan has played an historic role in the payroll profession. The APA provides training and resources that America’s payroll professionals use to pay workers accurately, in regulatory compliance, and on time.

On Leadership

Credibility, according to Dan, is everything. “Leaders need to know and recognize that credibility is everything, but it is not something that you acquire and you get to keep: You earn it every day.”